Multi-Faceted Filmmaker

Flexible, fun-loving, and serious about my work. My passion for filmmaking began as a child, when I desired to take up acting. I began navigating the creative world through theatre, both behind and on stage. It wasn't until I was placed behind a camera that I realized my true calling. Over the years I have studied filmmaking from both the Avant Garde and Narrative perspectives. My specialty lies in taking the resources I'm given and making it work. Whether a cell phone or a RED, with a little ingenuity and some time I strive to make even the smallest budget projects come to life.

I have dabbled in multiple roles on set, from producing to sound mixing to writing. The basic knowledge of the requirements of an array of positions allows me to better communicate with cast and crew, and assure they have the support they need to actualize your vision. 


As a gaffer and cinematographer, I actively focus on providing the utmost professional support to the director. I work in live and scripted outlets, handling web, television, and film. If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to reach out. Let's bring your story to life!